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When playing bingo, your chances of winning a game always depends on the number of cards that you have; for instance, if you have 100 cards in a game of 1200, your chances of winning is 100. Traditionally, when a number is being called out, people mark the bingo cards with chips. However, with the slightest movement, the chips fall out of place and you now get confused on where to put it back, thus saying goodbye to all your chances of winning. To change that, people started using pens or pencils to shade the number on the card. Still, it was too much work. Some people enjoy shading, some people will just mark the number with and X. Shading takes time and just marking the number with an X-mark does not even give the player the satisfaction that a number on his card was indeed called; thus, the birth of the dauber.

Daubing is stamping your bingo card, marking the called out number with a colored ink. Before it was just black, blue, and red; but now, daubing pens come in various fun colors. Though daubing already made bingo fun, players wished that there is a way for them to play with so many cards in a game and be able to mark them all. With online bingo, players should be able to learn about the Autoplay and Auto-daub Bingo Features.

  • Both autoplay and auto-daub is being handled by the bingo software, or online bingo. You will be given card and the system will automatically play for you and even to the extent of daubing your card for you. This is most ideal when you are playing with more than 5 cards in a single game.
  • The game is fast-paced. It ends so fast that there is not going to be a boring moment because the momentum builds up and you have that itching desire to win and beat the system. Even though fast-pace, you will still get excited because you will see how the computer sorts out the cards for you so that you can easily follow the daubing or the flow of the game, so that you will be able to immediately know that you have hit bingo and hit the bingo button.

The younger generation may like high energy and speed of online bingo, and it is also possible that some of them prefer the traditional laidback game for pure relaxation while passing time.