Bingo Game Patterns

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As an enthusiastic bingo, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the possible bingo game patterns which you could be asked to mark on the cards. However, keep in mind that there are so many possibilities of bingo game patterns and can’t be covered exclusively in just a single write up. As such, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to a certain number of patterns but you should explore and be able to come up with a range of patterns. The first and most common pattern is the regular bingo and involves covering one number in each row either diagonally or horizontally.

In regular bingo, five numbers should be covered vertically under any one of B, I, N, G or O letters. The next pattern in line is the coverall which is just as the name suggests. The player must cover all the numbers on Bingo card. The opposite version of this pattern is referred to as fences or Outside Square. These games involves covering all the numbers that are outside the parameter and this would be columns under O and B and also the bottom and top rows of the bingo card. Another bingo game pattern is the Six Pack that involves covering 2 rows of numbers and three across. Actually, a postage stamp falls short of only two squares of this as 2 rows of numbers and 2 across make a postage stamp.

Another popular bingo game pattern is one that involves making letters from the rows and columns. The caller will inform the players about the letter to be made and advice the players on how it should be marked. Some letters are self explanatory especially the straight ones such as T, I, H, L, F and E. There are some places where players will be asked to mark certain words such as HI or mark them in small letters hi. Whichever the case, you should have a good idea of how you should mark them and better your chances of winning the game.

The other bingo game pattern is the checkers which involves marking all the squares. Checkers normally start with the card’s first square which is the one under letter B and then all the others are covered. If allowed in the game, it is advisable that you use a pencil for circling out the squares you need to cover as it makes everything a lot easier for you.