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The bingo game differs in UK and US with the types of cards that are used and with the rules of the game.

Categories of Bingo Tickets

There are two categories of bingo cards. The one ticket has the popularity in United States with 5x5 dimensions for 75-Ball Bingo. The second type is called “Housie” and is widely used in United Kingdom has 9x3 grid, it is also named 90-Ball Bingo.

75-ball Bingo Tickets

The tickets contain five rows and columns of squares with numbers in each of the square, apart from the middle square. From 1 to 75 numbers are placed in columns with the 5 particular alphabets of “B”, “I”, “N”, “G”, and “O”.

UK housie tickets / 90-bll Bingo Tickets

While in US bingo players call it card, in UK it is called tickets. The bingo tickets contain nine columns and three rows. Numbers from 1 to 90 are paced in the row via 5 numbers in each row and four blank squares accordingly.

In former time when there was no printing machine the bingo cards were painted by hand or rubber stamps were used to hard cardboards. At that time bingo cards were used multiple times. Players placed the numbers via tokens. Previous to online bingo game the cards were used that were used once at a time. Bingo games as of anything else are going into electronic forms. One of the advantages of electronic card and bingo game is easiness of randomization and creation of cards.

There are many bingo car / tickets sellers throughout the world. Nowadays, thin and very cheap types of paper materials are utilized to produce the bingo tickets. These inexpensive cards are popularly sold online and are shipped to any corner of the populated region. Along with paperback bingo cards there are also online card creator apps and software programs.

The history of the bingo card root in 1500, when in Italy lottery called “Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” was played,. Then in 1700 first paperback lotto of the Italy was applied in France. The paperback cards were handful to keep track the stated numbers.

There are many types of randomization of bingo cards and all of them quite difficult. That’s why electronic bingo is becoming very popular nowadays. Though, many countries ban playing neither real-time nor online bingo games, since they wake up the addiction in people and some culture prohibit it due to the religious views.