Bonanza Bingo Variations

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When the game of bingo debuted into the world of gaming, it could only be played in one way only and there was no two ways about it. But this has since changed as this fun filled, longstanding card game comes in a wide range of varieties that players can choose from and walk away with big fortunes. Nowadays, different and many variations of bingo are copping up fast than you could imagine and it is even hard for any bingo fun to keep abreast with all these new variations.

Fortunately for any bingo addict, there are bonanza bingo variations that can bring you great fortunes as they give you an opportunity of pocketing huge sums of money in winnings. All these bingo variations not only enable you to win a fortune but are also full of great fun, enjoyment and excitement. One of these great variations is the Cover All- Blackout bingo. While this variation is simple, it is however time consuming considering the player has to cover all the spots present on the card in order to claim a win. Most bingo players refer to this long standing variation as blackout.

Another bonanza variation of the game of bingo is the Cross whereby players are required just to make a cross like pattern on the cards. It is as easy as such and you can win big in the game if you are lucky. And then there is another very popular variation known as Diamond. Well, just like you expect, this game requires you to make a diamond like pattern to be declared the winner. As such, just make sure that you are familiar with the shape of diamond before you start playing this game to make things much easier and enjoyable for you.

Another bonanza bingo variation is the four corners which is more or less similar to the game of tennis. In short, a player is required to nail all the 4 corners on their cards. Most players prefer this game as it is extremely fast to play but it is also essential that you are very attentive as well. Six- pack is another very popular bingo variation where the player is required to fill three rows, horizontal and vertical to win the game. Other bonanza bingo variations that you should be on the look out for include the Eight States, Nine- Pack, Kite and Tail and Top and Bottom variation.