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We are glad to welcome you here! This is a website dedicated to one of the best casino games – bingo. At BingoJournal you will find information concerning all bingo details, starting from basic rules and up to game patters. Discover the bingo odds, reveal gambling strategies, and win the game with our help!

Today bingo is one of the game that are played at online casinos, and special bingo rooms. You are going to find great amount of bingo variations to play, and though they all share the same rules, they have some small differences in game running and payouts. In online casinos the choice of the game to play may be a little bit complicated, but when you learn out the game perfectly, huge amount of variations available will be just an advantage for you.

Bingo for Everyone

Regardless of the weather the Bingo hall is always next to you. Even if you are interested in card games and seeking for any  casino blackjack rules, card-counting basics, or blackjack strategies, we recommend you to try Bingo game. 

The rules are simple, and anyone can enjoy the game even being a complete newbie to casino games. Choosing online casino to play you can always keep the game guide with you, and in case you need to check some information, use it. That will benefit your gambling, and you will feel more confident.

Do you know what will help you to feel even more comfortable at casino? A bonus for playing! Generally, all online bingo houses provide their visitors with different types of promotions that they can use to play more. For example, it is possible now to receive no deposit bonus from, place where gamblers can find their most loved games and play them just for free. Unlike most of the other casinos, here you need to make deposit before you start to play, because you can use no deposit bonus and receive some cash into your account.

How to Play Bingo Game Online

The game starts when player chooses the number of bingo cards he wants to play with. When he buys the cards, he starts the participation in the game. One of the attractive features of online game is that you may choose two modes of the game play – you may mark the patters by yourself like in real casino, or you can choose auto-mode where all the patters will be marked automatically be software.

Playing bingo at online casino is pretty easy, even if you have no experience in gambling and playing bingo as well. Of course, before you start to play it is better to check out the rules of particular game you want to join, and also check the information about this game at the casino website. The matter is that sometimes casinos change the rules and traditional way of game running to make the game a little bit more interesting to play.

Online bingo gambling has a lot of attractive features, and one of them is the speed of the game. If you once tried to play bingo at traditional casino, you’d probably noticed, that one game round usually takes pretty much time to be completed. At online casinos everything is done faster, and in this way you can play more games spending less time.

To find more information concerning bingo gambling, both at online and traditional casinos, please stay here, and read out all the materials and articles that are devoted to bingo games.